Conveyor belt to transport sand or mud, activity play bench to assist sand pit play and mud pit play for early years play area’s custom made to suit your mud or sand play area


Tray size W80cm x D60cm (this tray size can be made bigger or smaller)

The tray height is 50cm suitable for age 2-4

The height can be adapted to suit older or taller children

Conveyor belt length 140cm can be custom made adapted to your outdoor mud or sand play area 

Sand / Mud Pit Conveyor belt

  • The frame is made from pressure treated timber.

    Sorting tray and loading tray are marine grade plywood.


    Finish - Decking Oil gives a second protection to the pressure treated wood against rot, algae and insect damage, protects against UV rays.


    Can also be made custom size to fit your space and the conveyor belt can be made horizontal if you want it linking 1 play bench to another.

    See Bespoke & Projects page of how this is designed differently for a sandpit.