Outdoor wooden messy concoctions bench, children can weigh their ingredients on our play scales, mix their potions in the test tube rack, using the funnel holder they can strain their concoctions into the potion bottles, cook their potions on the hob, children’s imaginations as witches and wizards can be endless on our potions play kitchen. 

Outdoor Wooden Messy Concoctions Bench

    • 2 stainless steel bowls sunken and removable.
    • 4 hob burners good quality stainless steel and have a protective corrosion coating for double protection.
    • 4 hob dials are ceramic and turn.
    • Oven doors are marine plywood painted black with ceramic door handle and has a rollerball catch for closing. 
    • Scales are fixed, bowls can be removed from chain links for easy cleaning
    • Comes with 2 stainless steel funnels these can be inserted into the mini shelves on each side of the kitchen where they can pour their concoctions into a bottle.
    • Comes with 6 plastic test tubes, these can be removed from the holders in the bench.
    • Comes with total 10 hooks, attached for utensils to hang.

    Utensil pack extra contains

    1 x 14cm pan, 1 x 14cm fry pan, 1 small 14cm colander, 4 bamboo spatulas and spoons

    This item can be personalised with child or business name with text mud kitchen hand painted in black.

    This item is not flat packed