Large mud table is a great accessory to any kids mud play area. Mud bench fully assembled sizes and finishes to match our mud kitchens, they can also be custom made for your early years outdoor setting. 

FCA approved timber 5yr anti rot guarantee, child friendly finish for extra protection easy to clean.

Mud Tables Fully Assembled, Biscuit Jointed, Osmo UV Oil Finish

  • Caring for your outdoor wooden furniture can prolong it’s lifespan.

    All Framework on our products is pressure treated timber, our 5 year anti rot guarantee, will be void if care is not taken, ensure that the wood base or legs are not sitting in wet soil or puddles of water, ensure water can drain properly from the ground its sitting on, any soft landing play surfaces like artificial grass, wood chip etc will improve water drainage from wooden play furniture.

    Our products are for exterior use unless specified, the pressure treated timber if exposed to hot weather dramatically will shrink the wood and cause cracking and warping of the wood very quickly. (don’t use indoors unless the pressure treated timber has had at least 6 months of slowly drying out.

    All Osmo finishes used on our products, are environmentally friendly, and are safe for children’s toys EN71.3, they protect the wood and age beautifully as they are very good quality, but may only protect for 1-2 years with natural wear & tear to exterior weather elements.

    Protect and rejuvenate the wood by applying the finish every 1 - 2 years.

    • Environmentally friendly and easy to use.
    • No need to sand the wood prior to application.
    • Just clean and apply with a brush over the old.
    • Contact us if you need information on the exact finish type, small tins can be purchased from many suppliers.

    Extra protection

    • Cover it with a waterproof cover, we make mud kitchen covers in which can be purchased additionally.
    • Try not to place your wooden furniture play equipment in area’s that have full sun all year round, try to move them out of the sun every so often, also the finish to protect the wood will need to be applied more frequently.