Children’s play bench for cooking and concocting experiments with natural ingredients for any mud play setting.

These are the best mud kitchens for any small garden, patio or balcony.

Childrens mud bench comes in different heights for all age children Age 2-4 small mud kitchen.

Age 4-6 small mud kitchen.

Age 6-8 small mud kitchen.

We can also make mud kitchens taller for older children.


5 star rating review, see review!

Mud Kitchen 1 Bowl, Hob, Oven,

  • Size overall bench W70cm x D45cm

    Age 2-4 bench H54cm overall H102cm

    Age 4-5 bench H64cm overall H112cm

    Age 6-7 bench H72cm overall H120cm (this kitchen has 2 sets of lower shelves due to height)

    This kitchen comes in 2 halves, the top of the kitchen will need to be bolted to the bench through the back.

    Frame work & shelves is pressure treated timber, 5 year anti rot guarantee finished in Osmo decking oil grey, where the natural wood character remains visible.

    The thick chunky wooden bench & shelf is reclaimed scaffold boards sealed in Osmo wood protection, sealing the wood for exterior use, Non Biocidal, comes in 3 different bench finish options but all have  finish Osmo UV Oil clear on top.

    Finish is Osmo UV oil clear & Osmo decking oil

    • UV protection.
    • Doesn't flake or peel like varnish.
    • Repels water for easy cleaning.
    • Protects against mould algae and fungal attack.
    • Helps regulate the moisture content reducing swelling and shrinkage.
    • Seals those nasty splinters.
    • Hardwearing tough finish enabling the wood to breath.
    • Safe for children’s toys EN 71.3