Mud Kitchens for any children’s mud play setting.

Role play cooking bench for early years to mix their mud play ingredients in the bowls, cook their mud recipes on the play cooker by turning the dials, bake their mud pies in the play oven.

Outdoor wooden messy play activity kitchen has a blackboard for writing their favorite recipes.


Mud kitchen length 112cm x depth 46cm this play kitchen comes in different heights for different age children

Mud kitchen age 2-4 bench height 54cm overall height 102cm

Mud kitchen age 4-6 bench height 64cm overall height 112cm

Mud kitchen age 6-8 bench height 72cm overall height 120cm


Finish is eco child friendly safe for any early years mud play garden!


Mud kitchens can also be made taller adapted to accommodate children with learning disabilities and in wheel chairs.


This product has a 5 star rating review

Mud Kitchen 2 bowl oven, hob with chalkboard

    • 2 stainless steel bowl.
    • 4 hob burners good quality stainless steel and have a protective corrosion coating for double protection.
    • 4 hob dials are ceramic and turn.
    • Oven door is marine plywood painted black with ceramic door handle and has a rollerball catch for closing. 
    • Comes with 11 hooks total attached to hang utensils.


    Utensil pack extra contains

    • 1 x 14cm pan, 1 x 14cm fry pan, 1 small 14cm colander, 4 bamboo spatulas and spoons


    This item can be personalised with child or business name with text mud kitchen hand painted in black


    This item is not flat packed