Mud Kitchens

Our children’s mud kitchen come in different sizes, mud play bench comes in different heights for different age children, all mud play equipment have a variety of different bench finishes and colours.

Mud activity play bench, you can mix and match any features to any mud kitchen bench from weighing scales, real sinks, working taps, role play cooker or pretend oven? Change the layout of the role play kitchen bench.

Get your mud kitchens Personalised?

Take a look at our mud kitchen idea’s they make lovely children's gifts?

​Get your children drawn to mud play, to actively learn while having fun, todays childhood is often technology driven, encourage children to get off their screens and play outside? so they can creatively think and start to explore nature which helps develop positive dispositions, improves cognitive function, is good for building a healthy immune system, check out our range of mud play resources? 

The mud play pit and mud tables are a great addition for your mud play area, the mud activity pits have mud channeling features, pulley wheels for transporting mud.

We specialise in making bespoke mud kitchens, any of our play features can be put onto any framework or bench, have one of our mud kitchen designs, made for your garden, patio, nursery school garden?